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Stay ahead of the curve

The numbers speak for themselves:

Carbon Neutral America provides a straightforward, cost-effective and credible way for your business to stay ahead of the curve, while also benefitting the bottom line.

The benefits of being a
carbon neutral business

The bottom line

By becoming a carbon neutral business, you can benefit the bottom line.

A 2014 report found that companies that make climate action a priority have an 18% higher return-on-equity than those that don’t and a 67% higher return-on-equity than companies that refused to disclose their policies.

Various studies also make clear that the vast majority of people will trust and be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues.

Investing in certified, third-party audited tree planting and carbon offsetting projects is a straightforward, credible and reliable way for your business to demonstrate its sustainability to its customers.

Engage stakeholders

It is not only customers who care whether you are sustainable. It is becoming increasingly important to employees and to investors.

Your employees are far more likely to stay with you long-term if your business has a strong sustainability plan. Over 60% of millennials will not accept a job offer from a business that is not socially responsible.

If keeping your employees and attracting top talent is important to you, becoming carbon neutral is just good business sense.

Major investment firms see sustainable investing as the future, with nearly 500 funds adding ESG criteria to their prospectuses and 23 new sustainable funds being launched in the first half of 2020.

Secure your future

All businesses will have to become carbon neutral. It is only a matter of when.

By becoming carbon neutral now your business will be in a position to take advantage of any government incentives that become available to businesses that are already carbon neutral (California is already looking at doing this).

Equally important, your business will avoid any future penalties that government may impose on businesses that are not carbon neutral.

The likes of Google and Microsoft are already carbon neutral. Apple, Disney and even Shell Oil are not far behind.

Join the ranks of market leaders and secure the long-term future of your business.


How it works



Our team calculate your carbon footprint for the previous year following the ISO 14064-1 Standard and GHG Emissions Accounting Standard.*

You will then receive a carbon emissions report, which will detail your carbon footprint in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO₂e).

*In 2016, 92% of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies followed the GHG Protocol or ISO 14064 Standard for their Carbon Emissions Calculations.



Having calculated your carbon footprint, we will offset your carbon footprint using carbon offsetting credits.

The credits we use are the same regulated, verified and third-party audited credits used by global organisations and countries as part of their carbon initiatives.



Having offset your carbon footprint, you will receive a Carbon Neutral Business certification.**

This can can be shared with stakeholders, your employees and placed on your company’s literature and website.

A full media pack is also included.

**NOTE: Certifications offered on the basis of online or DIY calculators are often inaccurate and may not pass an audit.

*In 2016, 92% of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies followed the ISO 14064 Standard or GHG Protocol for their carbon emissions calculations.

**NOTE: Certifications offered on the basis of online or DIY calculators are often inaccurate and may not pass an audit.

Promoting your green credentials

Visual Impact of Projects

and Trees Planted

As part of offsetting your carbon footprint, we partner with sustainable projects in the USA and around the world, from Haiti to Nepal, to reversing deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

You will receive regular updates of projects that you have funded, as well as the option for bespoke tree planting for your organization.

Our projects also have broader social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities where they are planted, as communities suffering from deforestation are often the same as those living in extreme poverty.

Carbon Neutral

Business Certification

We will provide you with a Carbon Neutral Business certification and the Carbon Neutral America™ badge. This can be shared with stakeholders, your employees and placed on your company’s literature and website.

All of our carbon-offset projects are certified to the highest standards through the Certified Emission Reductions (CERs), Gold Standard Certified Emission Reductions, Gold Standard Verified Emission Reductions (VERs), Verified Certified Credits (VCS), Climate Action Reserve (CAR) or American Carbon Registry credits programmes*

*Click on any logo below to learn more.

A Lasting Impact on

the Planet

Increased CO₂e in the atmosphere are the greatest cause of Global Warming on our Planet.

By offsetting your carbon footprint your business will have a lasting impact on the Planet for generations to come.

In addition to protecting the climate, our climate action projects support local communities with sustainable development, by providing safe drinking water, by improving health-conditions and by creating local jobs, as well as having a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity.

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